Adapt Carrier Review by Babywearing Consultant Liz

Babywearing consultants have very high standards when it comes to safety and ergonomics for babies and wearers. Here is our friend Liz’s evaluation of the three position Ergobaby Adapt Carrier.

The waist belt sits in a very comfortable position for the wearer. The innovative ‘lumbar support’ offers support in the often sensitive area of the ilio sacral joint complex.

With the option of adjusting the waist belt on both sides an individual, comfortable fit for different body shapes is possible.

The added support in the lumbar region is a new feature in the Ergobaby family and adds extra comfort for the wearer. There are only a few carriers on the market that offer a similar type of lumbar support.

Adapt Carrier with cross straps and lumbar support

Adapt Carrier with cross straps and lumbar support

The adjustable seat with the innovative, velcro mechanism is not only new at Ergobaby but also completely unseen on the carrier market. The adjustment to the growing babies is made easy through the markings on top of the velcro.

In the smallest setting of the seat there is also a nice deep seat dent for baby’s bum to sink into the carrier, while the knees are kept up high in the natural position. The Adapt offers great support in the thigh and bottom area of the baby. Ergobaby implements the status quo of professional recommendations to carry a baby from birth onwards with calves and feet free and keeps this delicate area free from pressure. The softly padded leg openings increase comfort for the baby.

Ergobaby Adapt Carrier set for newborn baby

Ergobaby Adapt Carrier set for newborn baby

The Ergobaby Adapt is a carrier that differs in many aspects from former Ergobaby carriers.

Many changes have improved the comfort of baby and wearer.


Review by Liz, Babywearing Consultant

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