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Having a baby, whether it be your first time or third time, can be one of the biggest life changing moments of your life. Don’t get me wrong it is the best job in the world in my eyes, but I would be lying if I didn’t find it somewhat challenging almost every day. Something is always new and finding your feet especially as a first time mum was a huge transition for me.

I am currently pregnant with our third child, but I remember so clearly the emotions I had around bringing my first born son, Cruz (now a 3 year old) home from hospital. I had to pinch myself as I could not believe that he was solely my husband and I’s responsibility and I was now his mother. Wow it was such an amazing moment, but an overwhelming one at that. I laughed with nervousness and cried because I loved him so much. When my daughter, Winter Rose came along (now a 1 year old), I again had to learn to go through the newborn stage again but with a toddler too. I literally had to just take it day my day. I did find it easier with some things more than other as I had been there before. They were both different babies, or maybe I was a little more relaxed?

Looking back there were a few things I would wish I could’ve said to myself and some advice that I wished someone or even myself could of whispered in my ear. The type of things the “what to expect” and “how to be a mother” books just did not explain…
I would tell myself to just take it hour by hour, not to have such high expectations of myself at being a “super mum” and to go easy on my body and mind as I was embarking on a new journey. Things didn’t need to be done in the order the books said.

A few things that helped me personally get through the early days were, nourishing my body, moving my body, self love practice, rest when I can and a good mum support group or friendship.

I loved to nourish my body with good wholesome foods, in saying that I did go easy on myself if I didn’t have the time to prepare what I normally would of ate pre pregnancy. My healthy meals now had to be somewhat simple, wholesome and filling enough to get get me through the day, as sometimes I would just forget to eat. I love making smoothies as they are quick and filled me up. Normally I would just add some veggies, fruit, oats, some fats and nut milk. If I had some free time I would make up a few jars of overnight oats to and store in the fridge. It was easy to eat these quick meals while nursing a new baby or entertaining my toddler. My dinners are always some kind of protein, roast and steamed veggies. Or I would do up a big simple Mexican or Curry dish to last a few meals if I didn’t have time. If I don’t nourish my body or drink lots of water I normally feel quite sluggish in the mind and even more tired from those late nights. I have recently created a recipe app with two other Mumma’s called The Nourished Mummy Project. A recipe app filled with simple, nourishing recipes to support Mums through pregnancy, post natal, what to feed their newborns, toddlers and some great family meals.

When I was feeling overwhelmed sometimes in the early days, I would pop my little one in my Ergo Carrier and simply just go for a walk. Fresh air did wonders, even hanging the washing out with free hands helped me to gain my sanity and feel like I was achieving something haha. Baby carrying helped me to be able to move my body and get fresh air, bond with my baby when I needed to and get things done. I was also able to run to the shops with my toddler when I had the two and not get to overwhelmed with prams etc.

Self love practice is also important to me, telling my self daily in the mirror I am doing a good job, or respecting my body for creating life. Once a day look yourself in the eye an tell yourself you are worth it.

Sleep, argh what is that hahaha. No seriously do put your feet up when you can. Somedays the washing really can just wait. Listen to your body. If you are a first time momma have a rest when bub does, so accept help and go for a lie down. Even 10 minutes does wonders for your mind.

I hope that any first time mum or mum with a new baby knows that they are not alone. We are all trying to figure things out and know that what your friend, mum, mother in law is doing or have done may not be right for you, take the advice with kind acceptance but then do you and be proud of it.

Know that there are online support groups or phone lines to chat with if you are struggling. A fantastic organisation is PANDA – Perinatal Anxiety & Depression Australia. It is a specialist not for profit organisation that has helped tens of thousands of Australians get vital information and support for antenatal and postnatal depression for over 30 years. There is not only help for Mum’s but Dad’s to. Check out or to find out more.

Alice Bingham AKA @aliceinhealthyland‘s passion is about sharing and exploring her version of Healthyland with her beautiful tribe of goddesses.

Her content is about fuelling her body with nourishing food, creating healthy recipes, self love discussions, moving the body, the ups and downs of motherhood, what and who she is inspired by daily. Alice loves to write product reviews on products she loves and trusts. She loves to connect with other passionate like minded people.

Alice In Healthyland was originally created in 2014, to share Alice’s weight loss journey, as pre pregnancy she had lost 20kg and used the page as a motivation to continue her healthy journey. However since having her babies Cruz (her toddler) and Winter Rose (her baby), her health journey is so much more than what she had set it out to be. Health is so much more to her than just a number on the scales. In fact she threw them out. Her journey is now about mindfulness, self love, creating delicious healthy food, love, family, friendships and happiness.

Follow Alice on her Wellness journey as she discovers more about herself and the fascinating topic we call health. Alice is one part founder of the @nourishedmummyproject recipe app.

You can find more from gorgeous Alice on at or on Instagram @aliceinhealthyland xx 

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