Travel Light with Kids Over Summer

Come summertime we all just want to pack our bags and head off on a carefree holiday in the sun. However, with kids it’s not always so simple because there are many necessities to consider, such as packing bulky items like a baby capsule or stroller.

Australia’s pram-dominated culture means those items are often the first thought, however baby carriers and slings offer lightweight and compact travel solutions. Babywearing products allow the freedom to enjoy the holiday without the bulk, but also keep your baby close and safe.

“Baby carriers are the perfect solution for parents to enjoy those special holiday places with the whole family, even if they aren’t pram friendly,” explained Ergobaby Australian and New Zealand director and mother of four, Anita Lincolne-Lomax

A family holiday can truly be enjoyed only when everyone is comfortable and at ease. Being able to carry a baby with you means that no matter what the holiday activity, however far off the beaten track, everyone can join in and be together.

“What started as a personal passion for babywearing and enjoying being hands free during the day while providing a nurturing space for my child, has led to a business where I can share my experience with other parents,” Anita said.

Anita travels often for either business or pleasure with young family in tow and advises fellow travelling parents with infants or small children to accept help and plan ahead.

“People will want to gush over your beautiful baby, but they will also offer to lend a hand where needed. Call ahead to the airlines, hotels and destinations to find out about family and baby-friendly travel and activities,” she added.

Packing a baby carrier instead of a pram or capsule will mean easier and lighter packing, and also closer, enjoyable family time.

Ergobaby Downunder


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